Lestari - Protecting rainforest

We are protecting Bangkaru Island, situated in the Indian Ocean about 70 kilometres south east from Sumatra. This island provides home for the last known population of Nias myna as well as many other endangered animal species. It is the largest island in Indonesia never influenced by humans. There are no plantations, no wood harvesting took place here and nobody ever lived there. The beaches of Bangkaru serve as a nest for three different sea turtle species, but the majority of the island is still untouched. The island is protected by rough sea and rocky coastline. However, the turtle eggs and wild birds are subject to poaching.


The Kukang Rescue Program

Organization The Kukang Rescue Program operates mainly in Indonesia with focus on the area of North Sumatra province. The goal of the organization is combat illegal wildlife trade, protect the greater slow loris (in Indonesian language Kukang) and raising of public awareness about this issue. The Kukang Rescue Program built a rescue and rehabilitation center for seized slow lorises in Sumatra in Bandar Baru village. The Kukang Rescue program is managed by a group of Czechs in Indonesia together with Indonesians.


CSO Birdlife

Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO) is a non-governmental organisation uniting birdwatchers, nature lovers, amateurs and professionals interested in the research and protection of birds. It is the Czech national Partner of BirdLife International.


Protecting sea turtles

Hanka Svobodov√° and her team are protecting three islands in Indonesia which are important spots for green sea turtles. The poachers are therefore prevented from taking the turtle eggs from the beach where they are laid. The team is also trying to educate children and locals, e. g. how to make souvenirs from other materials than turtle shells. Thanks to the work of environmentalists more than 4000 little turtles can safely emerge from the egg and get to the sea.