Why did I choose to photograph nature?

I grew up in a small village in the south of the Czech Republic. Most of my childhood was spent in the woods and fields around my home, climbing on trees or hiding in reeds to observe birds. That's why I feel connected with nature, which has always made me feel empowered and enriched. Photography has always been my passion, but I've decided to do something a bit more meaningful. I want my photos to support people who are actively working to protect vital ecosytems in some of the world's beautiful and endangered places.

This is how it works: Choose your photo in my store and select whether you prefer a digital download or a print. During the checkout process, select the environmental organization that you wish to support, or leave the choice up to me. I will donate thirty percent of the price to the selected organization and you will receive an email from them to confirm the donation. Click here for more infomation on the supported projects.